1 - Come Ní Get It
2 - Feel It This Time
3 - Twisted Desire
4 - What We Left Behind
5 - Is There A Doctor In The House?
6 - Remember
7 - Chance Of A Lifetime
8 - Hurts Me, Hurts You
9 - Edenís Fruit
10 - Do Your Revolution


01 - Fast N´ Wild
02 - Out of Control
03 - Just Thinkin´ About U
04 - Hard 2 Say Goodbye
05 - Pleasure Maker
06 - Know How
07 - Stay With Me
08 - Only a Dream
09 - Neon Stars [Instrumental]
10 - Give It All
11 - Open Your Eyes
12 - Face 2 Face
13 - Bad Reputation [bonus track]

Encrucijada-Melodic, Argentina
Alex teamed with the experimented Mark Sant'anna (Bass) and C. Marshall (vocals), both with a background by different bands from Brazil. ... The style of PLEASURE MAKER does not contribute anything as far as originality, but it is the quality of the product which counts in this case.A classic Hard Rock influenced by BON JOVI, DEF LEPPARD, WINGER, plus other elements of SLAUGHTER and few pop melodies, makes PLEASURE MAKER a very melodical and pleasant band. Also, Alex´s guitar riffs are wonderful and the voice of C. Marshall is completely suitable to the style. The recording and mastering have given as result a sound very polished sound that characterizes them with much professionalism.Another thing that stands out are the choirs, a single listening to the disc is enough for some of the choirs to be posted on your head. Songs like "Just thinkin' about u", "Pleasure Maker" or the ballad "Stay with me" were made to be true hits, although even Alex has not thought of it. My favorites are "Hard 2 say goodbye" and "Just thinkin' about u". The rest does not vary much of already commented.
PLEASURE MAKER is the new promise of the Latin American Hard Rock, with unquestionable international projection. Pablo B." visit Encrucijada-Melodic website!

"...possibly, if this record had been released in middle of the 80s, we would be talking about a Melodic Rock Jewel. The simple production does not hide the magnificent vocal work of C. Marshall, with strong and melodic voice best suited for this kind of rock, and from the guitarist Alex Meister. This is a recommended album for those that find that rock now lacks that melodic and amasing atmosphere that the bands had on those wonderful years. Just listen to "Just Thinkin ' About U" and "Out of Control", dinamic, melodic, full of choirs and with guitars all over it. The festive ones, "Pleasure Maker" and "Give it All". "Hard 2 Say Goodbye" and "Stay With Me" are two ballads to breach your hard heart. A fantastic record that took 15 years to come out. Better late than never."visit THIS_IS_ROCK website!

MundoRock Webzine, Colombia

"...The result of "Love On The Rocks" is really good and still more than this if you consider that the band has worked of independent way and without no economic support of some Label. Although they emphasize that people like Bon Jovi and Winger are within their influences, is possible to say that few signs of these groups are listened to throughout the disc, although there is enough of the 80s Hard Rock and A.O.R. . Alex Meister is the great protagonist of Pleasure Maker. Founder, guitarist and main composer of the group, also produces and mixes "Love On The Rocks". For those who are pleased listenning to sharp guitars riffs, good melodies and old school solos, they will not feel for anything defrauded by Alex, that in each track demonstrates all its capacity. The disc opens with "Fast N' Wild", a track in the purest Dokken style in its Tooth And Nail. C. Marshall shows his style on this good registry and Alex interprets the guitar skillfuly. "Out Of Control" follows in the same musical line, although a better vocal appear with choirs that can have certain remind me of some Def Leppard stuff. "Just Thinkin' About You" is first single of the disc. Unlike the first songs, there is plenty of keyboard works here that fit perfectly in the single dominated by the fabulous Alex's guitar work. ... "Bad Reputation" is a very good mixture between Van Halen and Damn Yankees. the song "Pleasure Maker" begins with a sound of keyboards that could confuse anyone, because the verse is mounted on a base that could make you think that you are listenning to an 80s pop group, but the entrance of Alex's guitars and the powerful voice of C. Marshall redirects the track towards a style much more similar to the one of groups like Autograph. "Know How" is another great track that if it had been published in the 80s it would have prevailed in the FM radios. "Stay With Me" is, perhaps, the only ballad of the release but in the same time it is the best song of all release, which is lead in a skillful way by Alex that is accompanied all along by very good keyboards harmonies. Soon a mini-sequence arrives led by "Only At Dream", the instrumental "Neon Stars" and ending with "Give It All" that keeps the great level imposed by "Stay With Me". ... . The Album ends with "Face 2 Face", a full release of adrenaline into the body with a majestic Alex. This "Love On The Rocks" is a very good work, recommended for all lovers of 80s hard rock. ... Diego Ramírez - 85% "visit MundoRock

Rockum Webzine, from Peru
"Why this album did not arrive to me in the year of 2005? ... therefore it really would be placed in the Rockum Hard Rock Top 10 of 2005, and it would enter on the first positions without any doubt. It is very PLEASANT and POSITIVE. Definitively the Brazil is one of the best breeding grounds for bands we have in Latin America... PLEASURE MAKER presents this super album of Melodic Hard Rock entitled "Love on the Rocks", which has its melody based on very good guitar riffs, an atmosphere influenced for solid Blues roots with one mix of Glam Metal, inspired for the Winger, Great White and Thunder, a touch of the true Hard Rock based on bands as Night Ranger and Van Halen, finishing with mature element of AOR that makes us enjoy of one very well done album. The choirs of "LOVE ON THE ROCKS" have a contagious complicity, as in "Hard 2 Say Goodbye" where C. Marshall and Alex Meister makes a beautiful vocal pair, bye the way, speaking about this last one, it it passes a spectacular feeling in the guitar as in "Neon Stars"... Is by any chance the Alex Meister a "shredder" in the guitar? You can be sure that the answer is a YES! ... another name to appear amongst the guitar virtuous of Latin America. Other songs that have solos that are full of feeling are "Open Your Eyes" and "Stay With Me". Beautiful work of PLEASURE MAKER, definitively one of the best representatives of melodic Hard Rock in Latin America and on the planet, therefore much people adored "LOVE ON THE ROCKS" here when they had listened. 100% recommended and I am proud to present a work with all these musical attributes, technician and great feeling, that you will clearly perceive when to listen to this album. 8.6/10 - Gino Alache"visit Rockumweb.com!

MelodicRock.com, Australia

".Everything about Pleasure Maker shouts old school attitude. The band was created in 2001 out of the ashes of a Bon Jovi covers band. Just as they were originally paying tribute to one of the great hard rock acts ever, now they pay tribute to the genre as a whole, with some flashy good time rock songs promoting girls, fast cars and bad boys. The band is Brazilian, fronted by C. Marshall, who has a great voice for the material – a mix of Firehouse's CJ Snare, Robert Plant and Bonham's Daniel MacMaster. My biggest compliment would be for the guitar work from Alex Meister, which is filled with old school riffs, tricks and blazing solos. Those riffs are mixed with 80s keyboards akin to early Bon Jovi and the rock n roll attitude matches that of Ted Poley era Danger Danger. The uptempo feel good Just Thinkin' About U is the lead single and to my ears stands out as an obvious choice. But there is more to the album, with plenty of great hairspray inspired rockers such as Bad Reputation, Out Of Control and the 80s-radio friendly Only A Dream all highlights. For slower ballads you might want to look elsewhere as these guys rock! The band offers the classy Stay With Me as the only ballad, with the majority of the songs all uptempo guitar driven rockers. The sound is pretty good for an indie release. While it won't match the quality of the bigger boys, the band has managed the capture the essence of the times without sounding too dated. The Bottom Line - One for the fans of early 80s, old school American rock n roll – even though it is delivered by a new Brazilian band! Everything about this album screams 1985 and is filled with feel good commercial hard rock, so lap it up. (Essential to FireHouse and Danger Danger fans)"
visit MelodicRock.com!

Medazzarock web site, Switzerland
"...So what we hear is really quite good. Alex Meister seems particularly to be a fan of VAN HALEN and Eddie Van Halen, because both in music as well as the guitar work tends to VAN HALEN. There it fits well that singer (C Marshall) sometimes sounds a bit like Samy Hagar. For me personally, there’s a negative point and a positive one on this album. The positive first: PLEASURE MAKER is the “baby” from a guitar player, but he always play for the song an never in an egostic way (like many other guitar player would do), so thumbs up for that. Now to the negative: All in all, everything sounds well, but I miss the final drop of class which makes a good album a very good one. So I often got the feeling "good stuff, but where’s the final kick?". Anyway, LOVE ON THE ROCKS is a good record and if you’re into VAN HALEN and similar bands you should go and check them out."
visit Medazzarock!

PowerPlay Records, USA
"Love on the Rocks" is their latest album which you can find thirteen tracks of pure Glam Rock in the most quality form. The main man is Alex Meister who is the responsible for all the great guitar moments that we have the opportunity to hear in this album. Their compositions are well worked with interesting ideas and i am sure that all the fans of Glam rock will find some really interesting moments in these thirteen tracks. ... . Anyway the main reason is that both Tomalo and Pleasure Maker released quality bands with very good sound and enough good production and above all quality music. Music that you will hear it again and again and you will have fun. Well done guys."
visit PowerPlay Records!

PowerPlay Magazine, England
"The last great thing to come out of Brazil was Pele. The next great thing to come out of Brazil? Well, that could be our next band Pleasure Maker. Their debut album, "Love On The Rocks", is a melting pot of hard rock.
They've tried to combine all the best bits from the likes of Slaughter, Dokken, Melidian and other bands of that ilk, and they've done it to great effect. Led by the precocious talents of guitar whizz-kid, Alex Meister, Pleasure Maker deliver a pleasing albums worth of American stadium rock. The quality of material does tend to dip near the end, but there's no doubting that songs like "Just Thinkin' About U", "Fast N' Wild" and "Out Of Control" are of the highest order. Check them out at www.pleasuremaker.com" visit PowerPlay Magazine!

"...These guys deliver 80s hardrock with a touch of glam where bands like Danger Danger, Winger, White Lion, Autograph and Firehouse in mind. But hold your breath, Love On The Rocks is not in the same league as the mentioned bands ,but they do it very good with a good production, hooks and melodies with the 80s sound in the front. There are a couple of really good songs like "Just Thinkin´ About U", "Hard 2 Say Goodbye", "Stay With Me" and "Give It All" that are standout tracks on the album.... Most of the songs on the album are Ok without that extra touch. The singer C. Marshall has a very typical voice taken from the 80s ... But the mainman of this album is the guitarist Alex Meister ... he takes out some impressive riffs on the album. I hope to see a 2nd album from these Brazilian rockers because this debut album is very well done..."
visit Melodic.net !

BURRN! Magazine, Japan

"They play 80's poppy hard rock with edgy guitar. They are under the influences of WINGER, BON JOVI,DEF LEPPARD, DANGER DANGER. The guitarist is skilled and reminds me of George Lynch, Ronni Le Tekro etc. And the singer sometimes reminds me of Rikk Emmet(but softer than he). ... the songs are very good.
It is worth checking for."visit BURRN!

Sleaze-Metal.com, Germany
"Pleasure Maker is the name of the great Band around Guitar-Wizard Alex Meister. This Band is a must have for your shopping list. ...Pleasure Maker really knocks me out of my Shoes; just like Grunge and New-Metal never existed they rock this cool CD. Alex Meister produced this CD by himself and he did a great job in that way. Fine Hardrock in the vain of 80ties Whitesnake, Danger Danger, Tyketto, Def Leppard and god ol Bon Jovi, are the influences of the group. Singer C Marshall has the perfect clear voice for this kinda music. “Out of Control” really fires me up and I can’t stop rocking by listen to “Just thinking about you”. The Hit on this album is the Song “Pleasure Maker”, with his 80ties-like Drum computer-Beat, but this tune is cool. The band says that Duran Duran was also an influence for them. But with “Know how” you will have the essence of pure Hard rock back again. On every good Hard´n Heavy CD, you must find some great clam tunes, know as ballads. Yeah right, Pleasure Maker has a few great ones here.Without a Shadow of a doubt we have a fantastic CD here with “Love on the Rocks”.Don’t miss this band..."

AOR DreamZones, Sweden
"The intention of the Pleasure Maker ... is to produce a soundmix combining technique, melody and good choruses, while updating the melodic sound of the 80s. ...I can only agree with the above description of the band. This is pure melodic fuel on a wet fire that will give you some catchy flammable moments to light up the fire with. If someone gives this band some money next time I'm sure it will be a deadringer in all melodic camps. “Love On The Rocks” has a cool and a dirty attitude that bring memories back from the good old days. Thirteen songs on this disc and with only a few fillers. ... Dirty smoky melodic music might get out alive with a dirty production. It gets more alive that way."

BW&BK (Brave Words), Canada
"Completely engulfed in the ‘80s glam and hair metal scene, obvious influences are Whitesnake, Winger and Dokken. Subtitled, Hard Songs For A Hard Life, this 13 song collection contains the requisite amount of fluff, yet manages to rock quite convincingly. Catchy guitars, memorable choruses and skilled song writing make these songs worth a second listen. While it’s extremely difficult to replace the fan favourites from 20 years ago, Pleasure Maker takes a serious shot at it."
visit BW&BK!

Slam! rocks web zine, Italy
" A Hard Rock in the certain measure, enriched with touchs of keyboard and with the eye always directed toward the melody. ... "Fast n' Wild"... is ideal music for the opening of a album as mentioned above. "Out of Control" remembers me of bands as Biloxi and Loud and Clear and "Just Thinkin About U" is certainly the best track of the album with excellent performance of the singer C. Marshall who guides a quality choir in best FireHouse style. This already would recommend the purchase of the CD. Other songs to mention are "Hard 2 Say Goodbye", a ballad with safe effect, the surprising "Pleasure Maker" with a touch of dance music (!!) and "Only the Dream" in the FireHouse style with the use of an entrancing choir... a true registered mark of this Carioca band. It is not easy, nowadays, to consider this style of music without sounding a little exceeded but the Pleasure Maker has success in this task in at least the half of the record. A good beginning that leaves me well optimistical about the future."
visit Slam!

HardRock Haven, USA
"...this band has the chops and the sound to make a hell of a lot of noise on a global scale. Their sound is hard rock, with glimpses of metal, but melody is key in all that they do, be it a brief guitar blast or a raucous chorus....If you liked what bands like Danger Danger and Y&T did in the ’80s, this will bring you back. It doesn’t sound dated, though. It may tip its hat to the hair bands, but it could easily be played on the radio today. Marshall shines again as a vocalist, showing off his range without sounding strained. Meister puts a lot of modern guitarists to shame with his solo ... — he is a real talent....“Hard 2 Say Goodbye,” slows things down, letting the band display another side to their sound. The focus is on Marshall again as he grooves through track, making you feel real emotion....Meister again plays understated lead guitar, culminating in a smart solo that is more feel than speed....Pleasure Maker proves they are not just fun party music: Meister has a one-minute instrumental to reveal his chops. Instead of a neo-classical shredfest, he briefly plays a scale, building to a mind-numbing and crystal clear speed-freak solo. And they don’t dwell on it; the song builds into the next track expertly. Again, it makes sense, and it works.The ballad here is “Stay With Me,” a soft song with keys and haunting vocals from Marshall. You can tell that the emphasis for the band is also on the vocals......There are a lot of bands from yesteryear releasing new music and finding success, like Kick Axe and Tesla. Pleasure Maker is the bastard child of that era, putting their own slant on a form of music that brings together generations of headbangers. You need to check out Love On The Rocks for yourself. "
visit HardRock Haven

Strutter Magazine, Netherlands
"...This is very professionally done, with between the 13 included tracks some very impressive songs. The music is Melodic Poseur Hardrock like we heard from FIREHOUSE, DANGER DANGER, DOKKEN, HEAVENS EDGE, TESLA, GREAT WHITE (they weren't poseurs!!!) in the 80s. PLEASURE MAKER sometimes even is moving into that high level, especially on fantastic catchy melodic rockers like "Out of control", "Just thinkin' about U', "Hard 2 say goodbye", "Only a dream" and "Give it all". Also comparisons to VAN HALEN and 80s BON JOVI are of course notable...this CD caught my surprise, because it sounds dangerously close to what all those Americans waned to achieve in the later 80s, namely releasing a great sounding Arena Poseur Melodic Hardrockalbum, so that's one thing to be proud of for PLEASURE MAKER. Fans of mentioned bands need to check out this band..."visit Strutter Magazine

Sleazeroxx.com, Canada
"To these ears Pleasure Maker has the musicianship of Heavens Edge and Thunder combined with the vocal styling of Tora Tora and (umm...) Thunder - a damn good mixture.Melodic rock is the type of music that when done well makes for a great listen and when done poorly comes across as overproduced and heartless - Pleasure Maker falls into the first category. ...Right from the opening track, through the early Tangier sounds of "Just Thinkin' Of You", the powerful ballad "Stay With Me", to the last note of "Face To Face" this is a great album. ...The choruses are huge, the licks are furious and the entire release is very professional. Pleasure Maker is a band to keep an eye on.... Fans of well done melodic rock should check out ... " visit Sleazeroxx.com

RockReport.be da Begium

"Now all of you will agree that Brazil is not known as a breeding ground for quality acts in the melodic rock genre but guitarist Alex Meister and Crew have somehow managed to come up with a release that threw me right back to the days when bands such as Dirty Blonde, Wild Boyz, Tuff Lukk or Lazarus were paying their dues on the American club scene.Just like these bands Pleasure Maker produce a brand of melodic rock that will appeal to those who don’t mind their preferred genre to come with a touch of glam...The aforementioned mister Meister ... is responsible for the razor sharp Warren Dimartini/Eddie Van Halen/George Lynch inspired guitar playing that drives the 13 tracks on offer. The band’s line-up is completed by bassist Mark Sant’anna and vocalist C. Marshall, whose high pitched vocals somehow remind of Q5’s Jonathan K.Of the 13 tracks included here not one can be labelled as weak although the ultra catchy “Just Thinkin’ About You”, the fist punching “Know How” and radio friendly “Only A Dream” are in my opinion among the album’s finest moments.... Add to all of this a fine production job and you have a package that should not go by unnoticed. "visit Rockreport.be

HardRock80.com, France
"...In effect, this band... does play a kind of music one used to hear at the end of the eighties, as Dokken, Mr. Big Winger & Co. had the top of the stage. Although not playing with the cards of originality, Pleasure Maker assures grace to its compositions (Fast n´ Wild, Out of Control, Just Thinking About You, Only a Dream) which will fascinate those with a pendor towards the previously mentioned groups....Other positive points to credit this new group for are the presence of a singer who vocally recalls Eric Martin (Mr. Big, TMG) and an excellent guitarrist (and album producer) who doesn´t hesitate to fill our ears and must have had George Lynch as his guitar teacher.
To sum it up... will find its place in many CD shelves...(Pierrick)" visit HardRock80.com

VALHALLA Metal Magazine

"The greatest merit of this CD [Love on the Rocks] is that guitarist Alex Meister swims against the tide. I´ll explain. While most of his string fellows insist in releasing CD´s with never-ending "ups-and-downs" in scales, as fast as possible, Alex convoked a group of "responsibles" and produced one of the coolest rock CD´s issued lately. Highly recommended for lovers of the hardglam that started in the 80´s. Hard to imagine that this is a Brazilian band and moreover, that it´s an independent production ! Congrats for the boldness (MEM -reviewer)."